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Monthly Docent Training at the Branigan Cultural Center

February 8, 2014

Branigan Cultural Center LogoWritten by Elisabeth Stone, Museum Educator at the Branigan

This article is part of a series of articles in the Winter 2014 Edition of Muse News, the newsletter of the Las Cruces Museum System.

The Branigan Cultural Center has  returned to monthly docent training and you are all invited! Why be a docent or attend docent training? By attending, you receive an in-depth look at the exhibits, educational programs, and other interesting topics. We feature discussions with artists, history and context of the exhibit materials, and a chance to hone your art and artifact interpretation skill. These different presentations will enhance your own enjoyment of the works on display and increase your skill in facilitating others’ engagement with material culture. Feel free to come, even if you aren’t interested in leading school groups on museum tours. The training can still benefit you and the museum. Becoming more familiar with temporary exhibits and the ongoing cultural and historical education at the Branigan will allow you to be an ambassador for the museum in new ways. With a strong understanding of how the museum meets its mission in service to Las Cruces residents and visitors alike, you will be prepared to help us bring the Branigan to new audiences and renew interest in the local community. We meet for only a couple hours a month, but each participant in docent training has the knowledge to let friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and neighbors know what the Branigan has of interest to them, right now and in the future. 


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